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Periodically, the club with have a "club only competition" where club members have the opportunity to brew a beer and then have it judged against other club member brews - both by the club and the public.  The club competitions tend to focus on styles, new or interesting malts, hops and yeast - or whatever strikes our fancy. Its and opportunity to brew, create something new, and learn something in process. Plus, a club member might win some bling. 

October 2020: Omega Yeast

The LAGERS worked with Omega Yeast (Lance Shaner)  again to showcase their variety of yeasts in a variety of brewer chosen styles. 13 LAGERS threw their hats into the ring, encouraged to try different yeasts and beer styles. Experimentation was urged and some fun, creative beers resulted. Our local professional brewers served as judges. A special "crowd favorite" was also chosen by popular vote of all the attendees.

In addition to the competition, the club had Kris Kalva as a guest speaker. Kris spoke on the "Process around producing clearer beer", including discussion on filtering, adjuncts, and natural processes. Many thanks Kris!

The event was held at Pearl Street Brewery - thanks to Joe and the rest of the PSB gang for their hospitality. Much appreciated!


September 2019: Local Malt, Hops and Yeast Comp

The LAGERS worked with local maltser Malteruop (Tom Stiner), the Wisconsin Hop Exchange (Bill & Debbie Barnes) and Omega Yeast (Lance Shaner) to showcase their ingredients into different beer styles. On competition day, the event was open to the club and public to sample, compare and vote on their favorites. It was a great opportunity to evaluate the ingredients and perhaps try a style one had never tried.


In addition, representatives of each company were on hand to give a short lecture and answer questions. They were generous enough to supply their product free to the club to evaluate, but their time was a huge bonus. Very informative with some great discussion. Many thanks for their time and support - it was appreciated!

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